Terms and Conditions for "Registered Members" of ZYNG

• The membership of the Group is open to any individual who is a Parsi-Irani Zoroastrian as per the interpretation of the BPP and has completed 16 years of age but has not completed 40 years of age as on the date of registration for membership.


• Any individual who does not satisfy any of the criteria above shall not be eligible to become a Member of the Group, and the Managing Committee reserves the right to deny membership to or cancel an existing membership of such an individual at any time without notice.


• An individual shall automatically cease to be a member of the Group once he/she completes 40 years of age.


• No member of the Group shall commit any act or deed which, in the opinion of the Managing Committee of the Group, is prejudicial to the image of, derogatory or harmful to the Group and / or the BPP.


• Every Member shall be bound by the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Group, a copy of which is available on this website.


• The Managing Committee reserves to itself the right to reject any application for Membership or cancel an existing membership in the event a member is in contravention of any of these terms and conditions, without notice or assigning any reasons thereof.


• Every individual registering as a member of ZYNG agrees to have read the terms and conditions set forth hereunder and agrees at all times to abide by them.