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In this photo:

Top Row : Farah Bhajiwalla, Zubin Madon, Hoshaang Gotla, Firdaus Khambatta, Viraf B.Hansotia, Hoshedar Havewalla, Tanaz Panthaky, Arzan Khambatta, Arnawaz Bharucha

Centre Row : Hormuz Mehta, Aniza Patel, Khushnuma Darabna, Priya Aga, Tashan Mistree, Perinaz Irani, Darayus Tirandaz, Viraf Mehta, Behram Aderbad

Bottom Row : Burges Wania, Pearl Tirandaz, Dilkhush Reporter, Bazyan Mistry, Peshotan Kapadia

The ZYNG IC team is subdivided into 4 main subcommittees.

1. Events:

Events Team members: Total nos. 8

Aniza Patel, Arzan Khambatta, Behram Aderbad, Bazyan Mistry, Burges Wania, Dilkhush Reporter, Khushnuma Darabna and Pearl Tirandaz.

• Planning and Execution of all events for the year.

• Coordination with Website team to inform them of the upcoming events (events calendar updates).

• Setting Budgets on an event-to-event basis.

• Coordinating with PR team on an event-to-event basis.

• Assigning responsibilities to the OC members present for an event.

• Coordinating with any/all teams informing them of any changes in any events that effect that team.

2. Website:

Website Team members: Total nos. 5

Arnawaz Bharucha, Darayus Tirandaz, Hoshedar Havewalla, Viraf Hansotia and Zubin Madon.

• Improving and updating the website on a regular basis.

• Verifying integrity of data and events being put on the website.

• Monitoring of members and ensuring that the Terms and Conditions laid out are followed by every member including IC and OC members.

• Removing of derogatory statements made by any member on the discussion forum. Adding topics to the discussion forum that interest members.

• Replying to all queries and providing information to members on website related matters.

• Ensuring Security is maintained on the Website.

• Coordinating with the Website Designer for any changes/corrections.

3. Admin:

Admin Team members: Total nos. 5

Farah Bhajiwalla, Peshotan Kapadia, Priya Aga (Treasurer), Tanaz Panthaky and Tashan Mistree.

• Facilitating IC meetings as well as filing of the results of a veto/ email protocol vote.

• Maintaing the minutes for IC meetings.

• Collecting and compiling of minutes of each individual subcommittee.

• Maintaining the accounts of the organization and keeping a control over income and expenditure.

• Coordinating with all teams to ensure smooth functioning and communication.

• Ensuring that the IC membership norms as specified by the constitution are adhered to.

• Maintaining records, if any, and undertaking all other activities that do not fall within the specific purview of any other sub-committee.

4. Membership / PR:

Membersip / PR Team members: Total nos. 3

Hoshang Gotla, Perinaz Irani and Viraf Mehta

• Getting new Members / OC members.

• Membership grievance.

• Publicizing any/every event from conceptualizing to implementation, hence working hand in had with the Events Team.

• Membership and PR shall do all branding.

• Coordinating with Website team to ensure that updates are done in realtime.

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