About ZYNG 2.0:

Z.Y.N.G. has been synonymous with the Parsi-Irani-Zarthosti Youth since 2009. ZYNG is the face of the youth for our parsi community. Over the last decade, ZYNG has succeeded in culminating a sense of pride and honor amongst our youth. ZYNG has successfully conducted and supported over 100 events since its inception along with entertaining events for the youth.

Zoroastrian Youth for Next Generation (ZYNG) 2.0 was launched on 25th January 2020 with BuzZYNG Flea at Rustom Baug. ZYNG 2.0 is a whole new beginning with new ideas and a new committee to continually provide a platform for bringing the Zoroastrian youth closer.

For more details on ZYNG2.0 and updates on the activities conducted this year and upcoming ones kindly follow: